Cloud & APP Service

DHC's cloud-based management system can automatically collect the test dada from different testers for further sorting & analysis.
DHC also developed both iOS & Android applications to remotely control the tester and run through the battery, cranking, charging tests.


S.L.D.R. (Battery Testing)

The S.L.D.R is a DHC worldwide patented technology of battery testing.
It simulates the cranking current to reflect the true condition of the tested battery in seconds and gives you a more accurate in-vehicle test result.




DHC in addition has extensive engineering, research and development capabilities to meet OEM, OES, and ODM needs.
DHC has forged partner relationships with many TIER 1 companies globally as a source for their battery testing and charging solutions needs.
DHC adopts MIL standard to implement automotive grade quality control system.
DHC products are manufactured to meet international standards such as: UL, CE, SAE, TUV, ETLC & FC, etc..
DHC has extensive global partnerships and distribution channels to successfully sell our products to all over the world.

BTW300 is a wireless battery & electrical system tester controlled by DHC’s applications that makes the whole test procedures easier and faster.
BT2400 Pro
BT2400 PRO

BT2400 PRO is a professional hand-held battery and electrical system tester with built-in VIN code scanner and temperature sensor.

It also supports DHC cloud data service as a complete battery management solution for your business....

BT2400 HD

BT2400 HD from DHC is a heavy-duty hand-held battery and electrical system tester that supports 12V serial and parallel battery packs.

This heavy duty model expended the support for vehicle types and application. With a lengthened 4.5m clamp-cable set, it is perfect for truck repair shops or fleets.


BT2400 from DHC is a professional hand-held battery and electrical system tester with added sensor and flexibility.

Equipped with a new coloured TFT-LCD display, brand-new user interface, and a temperature sensor, it is engineered to be fast, accurate, and easy to use. An excellent choice for large garages.


BT2410 from DHC is a hand-held battery and electrical system tester that could provide your business with a solid battery testing capability.

Built with decades of battery testing know how from DHC, it is the go-to choice for small and medium garages.

BT1000 is a professional level battery and electrical system tester with built-in 2” thermal printer and detachable clamp set that helps you to determine the conditions of battery & electrical system in seconds.


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